About me

My name is Kimi Chi

Dr. of Chinese medicine.
28 years ago I set myself the goal of finding the natural solutions to balance our physical and emotional body. I had a deep knowing that good health and vitality do not come from pharmaceutical, diets, Botox or any other fast solutions but from within.
Every road I took, always led me back to the Tao – to Nature.
So i decided to specialized in Chinese medicine and there I found all the answers I was looking for.
I discovered that the Chinese emperors wanted exactly what we all want today, to feel and look vital.
That after thousands of years of investigating nature and the human body, the masters came back with a very clear conclusion – when man distances, disconnect or rebels nature and his own nature, he loses his life force, go out of balance experience dis ease and later on suffer from disease.
The Tao is the natural way that connected to source (mater and spirit) and Chinese medicine is the method that bring us back to the Tao when we lose the way. I’m here to share with you the Tao natural way of the living. And give you the tools of the Chinese medicine for you to feel and look good in your own body.