What is Tao

Tao means a “way” or path – a trail on the journey through life.

Taoism is not a religion, altho taoist people did branch out from the mainstreaming Taoist philosophy about 500 years after Lao tze. But the very idea of an organized religion is completely contrary to Tao.

Western way which attempt to conquer rather then commune with the force of nature, lead inevitably to a schizophrenic split between man and nature.

Tao views humans as tiny, vulnerable creature within the grand scheme of things and suggests that our best hope for survival is to live in harmoney with the great natural forces that formed us in well as our environment. To go against Tao is like trying to swim against a strong current- sooner or later you will exhaust your energy, and be swept away by the cosmic currents of Tao. 

Taoist or naturalists not speak about supreme being but of a supreme state of being – that lies deeply locked within every human being and can be reached only through greatest personal effort, and self discipline, Referred as enlightenment.