Online coaching

21 day transformative deep healing journey by the Tao - Chinese medicine way of living. this journey is for people that wish to make the change, heal, balance their physical and emotional body and feel and look vital in the natural way.
And need my support for this transition.

The coaching includes:
1. Diagnosis - To help you identify the current state of your body and to help you tune in as the Chinese medicine is all about prevention (preventive medicine).
2. Customized nutrition - with the exact food you need to eliminate and the food you need to add to your daily life.
Every body have a different need.
3. We will stay in an every day contact. I will know what you eat, I will tune you in, and guide you.
4. After 2 weeks we will go into a Customized juice fast that I tailor for your own need, include, customize herbs and detox supplements.
5. I will guid you through practice:
-Breath work
-Chi gong
-Kundalini sexual energy
-Releasing of emotional compost - these are suppressed emotions that sit in our body as poison.
I’m guiding you how to transform them into available energy.
6. I will enriching you with the Tao knowledge of food by elements, combinations, times and seasons.
7. I will enrich you with the Tao knowledge of Feng Shui as our surrounding has a big energetic effect on our well being.

After those 21 day of coaching you will shine from the inside out. You will carry fewer kilograms, your mind will be clearer, your emotional body will feel lighter and you have all the tools to feel and look good in your own body.

This is a one of a kind coaching that combines the Chinese medicine tools for a whole way of living. My mission is to share the Tao way of living for you to heal if needed and look and feel amazing in the natural way.

Contact me for further details