It’s a 7 days healing journey.
‏First day we ground into the space, rest, enjoy raw food and get to know each other.
‏Then we dive into 5 days of a deep
‏self healing.

The retreat include:
‏1. Diagnosis, so you know where you are, as the Chinese medicine is preventive medicine, and it’s all about tuning you back to balance.
‏2. Customizing nutrition, to get your body ready for your 1 week detox.
‏3. Customize juice fast – with organic fruits and veggies.
‏4. Chi gong, Breath work, Acupanture, Meditations Herbs, Feng shui.
‏5. Detox supplements. 

6. Customize nutrition and tools to continue your journey back home.

5 days 5 elements :
‏First day – water element – represent the kidneys – related to the emotion – fear.
‏Were going to learn how to diagnose our kidneys, to know where we are, learn what food is best for the kidneys, practice chi gong, give each other massage on the kidneys meridian, practice breath work to release suppressed fear and I will treat you with acupanture, while all day I am treating you with juices to detox your body.

‏Second day wood element – liver – anger
‏Third day Fire element – heart – anxiety
‏Earth element – digestive system – over thinking
‏Metal element – lungs – sadness

‏Last day we go back to raw food and hugs and goodbyes…after our deep healing journey we shared together.

‏After this 7 days You will shine from the inside out, less few kilograms, your mind will be clear, you emotions in balance and I will send you with a bag of tools that will support your life journey, to be the master of your physical and emotional body.

‏This one of a kind retreat, combines all of the Chinese medicine tools, for a whole way of living. 

Contact me for further details