Online Diagnosis

Your body will always tell you if you are out of balance. Always ! The only thing that is required is a good diagnosis.

You take 3 photos of your tongue in day light, when you wake up in the morning.
Before brushing your teeth, drinking or eating.

We get on a call for 45 min at the time we scheduled. We diagnose your body by your tongue and deep questioning since the day you where born. Then I get the full picture of your emotional and physical state of being and by simple changes in your daily habits we can prevent small dis balances to become future problems.

My diagnosis and guide lines with your willingness to make a change will bring you back to good health and vitality. In 45 min I diagnose you and tell you exactly what your body is telling you. Customize menu and tools from the Chinese medicine Holistic method. That include all aspects of our life for a hole natural healings.

*customizes menu
* herbs and power foods
* self Tuina
* chi ging
* poster
* fung shui
* guid lines


100$ till new year on PayPal

100$ till new year on pay pal