Online Diagnosis

Your body will always tell you

 if you are out of balance.

 Always ! 

You take 3 photos of your tongue, when you wake up in the morning in sun light. Before brushing your teeth, drinking or eating.

We get on a call for 60 min at the time you scheduled. I diagnose your body by your tongue, nails, hair, moon cycle and deep questioning about your health, since the day you were born. that gives me full understanding of your emotional and physical state of being. then I customize you a plan from the chinese medicine tools so you can enjoy good health and vitality:

With the diagnosis and guidelines that you get plus your willingness to make the changes you will start living a healthy and natural lifestyle according to your own need. By simply understanding the root cause of your dis ease and by using those tools in your daily life you will prevent those dis eases to become future diseases.  by listening to those needs and not ignoring them or shutting them down with synthetic medicine, addictions, etc. you can create a solid foundation to thrive from.  as there is nothing better than feeling good in your own body. 

*customizes menu
* herbs and power foods
* self Tuina
* chi gong
* poster
* fung shui
* guid lines

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