Tui na corse

As a dr. Of chinese medicine with 26 years of experience in the natural world and 15 years of practice in the chinese medicne, i wish to share with you the timeless and priceless knowledge of the chinese medicine method, through tui na deep body work and breath work.

Tui- na works on all levels physically and emotionally. By releasing energy chi from stagnated parts in the body and breathing in to areas with luck of chi. Opening joints, the spine, muscles, releasing suppressed emotions, opening meridians and by that awakening our inner organs and the ability of the body to heal itself.

While we practice tui- na technic, i will share with you as much as i can in our time together; the wisdom of the chinese medicine:
1. Body and tongue diagnosis.
2. Posture correction.
3. Customized food. For example ginger is medicine but its not for everyone.
4. Specific breath work to each organ. For example, how to awake the kidneys, to gain longevity and how to release anger from the liver, etc .
5. We will practice the base of chi gong.
6. I will share how to use your chi and weight during your session, to in able you to give many sessions without getting exhausted, depleting your energy or damaging your body.
7. I will share acupressure points for example, what the points behind our ears are good for, etc